Tosca is expanding in Europe

Tosca is expanding in Europe

Automation, Sanitation, Water and Energy Saving: The new laundry center opened by Tosco in Dublin, Ireland, must be on the cutting edge of the latest technologies while at the same time giving more respect to the environment. It is dedicated to cleaning reusable plastic containers used to transport food items (fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat, etc.) from production points to mass distribution outlets. The center has 5,000 packages per hour. Despite this speed, only four people can handle the workload. The U.S. company has implemented this level of automation because of the difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff in this tense part of Ireland. Once the trays are available, the folded tanks are loaded onto conveyors and then sorted, checked, washed, dried and stored without human intervention, which reduces the risk of contamination.

Balance sensors

The nearly 8,000 m² laundry center was built with sustainability in mind. On the energy side, solar panels, LED lights and other reserve sensors ensure low power consumption. This line is fitted with a centrifugal dryer, which uses less energy than the heating system, while the water is recycled throughout the washing process. At the end of the cycle, each tank goes for less than a gram of water.

Tosca has a turnover of 500 million euros and 2000 employees. The group, based in Atlanta, USA, was strengthened in 2019 and 2020 with the acquisition of Polymers Logistics and Control. It claims to have 40 million containers between reusable tubs, trays and trays. Tosca operates 58 car wash centers worldwide: 19 in North America and 39 in Europe.

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