Macron wants to strengthen strategic partnership with the United Arab Emirates

Macron veut renforcer le partenariat stratégique avec les Émirats arabes unis

AA / Paris / Selma Bahous

During a meeting in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron and the new leader of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, reaffirmed their desire to strengthen the partnership strategy between the two countries.

During his visit to Abu Dhabi, ரோlysée said that Macron had “expressed his determination” to continue his cooperation with the United Arab Emirates.
Emmanuel Macron was the first Western leader to visit Abu Dhabi to pay tribute to Emirati President Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan, who died last Friday.
Arriving early in the morning, the French head of state makes the first trip of his second five-year term, which began on Saturday.
Emmanuel Macron congratulated Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed on his “pre-election day” instead of his estranged brother and “expressed his determination to continue and improve everything they have done together over the past five years,” the same source points out.
“The United Arab Emirates is a strategic partner of France, and the extent of our cooperation in various fields such as security, culture and education is a testament to this,” the French president underlined.

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