5 new Google I / O features borrowed from Apple

5 new Google I / O features borrowed from Apple

It’s a game at every big announcement: Identify debts here and there. During Google I / O, we do not have to look far for Google’s inspiration.


It was last week Google I / O 2022, The main annual conference dedicated to developers. The announcements were higher than expected because it was not just about thatAndroid 13. Among the innovations, magofiles would not fail to make a few comments about Google’s inspiration.

Google Wallet

The first rough loan, that’s about it Google Wallet. After Android Pay, then Google Pay, Google has renamed its NFC service as Google Wallet. Inspiration is not only for the name Apple Wallet (Apple cards in French), but also for new functions.

5 new Google I / O features borrowed from Apple

Google wants to add hotel room keys, enterprise badges, but also other elements such as identity documents and driving licenses in some countries.

New interfaces for tablets

For the eleventh time, Google is trying to enter the tablet world. The honeycomb you may or may not remember. This is the version of Android designed specifically for tablets … It can be said that Google’s efforts failed because Apple took a big step forward. iPadOS.

5 new Google I / O features borrowed from Apple

With Android 13, Google is trying to change things by getting some inspiration from the experience of iPods. Easy multitasking among the new features of Android tablets allows you to use apps side by side and with new interfaces.Take full advantage of the extra space that includes YouTube music, Google Maps, messages and more“We do not know if this will really hurt Apple’s tablet dominance, but hey, it’s too late. And, Google took advantage of the opportunity. Teasing of its future pixel tablet.

Copy and paste between Android devices

If you have a Mac, iPhone and iPad it is possible to copy and paste things for a long time (Universal copy and paste) Easy between devices. Google has finally announced a similar feature, again, it’s too late than never.

Screenshot 2022-05-16 11.08.25

Magical crown

Google has formalized its future smartwatch: Pixel Watch. Regarding its launch, this Attached clock Available at the same time Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 ProOr this fall.

5 new Google I / O features borrowed from Apple

In terms of design, we can see that the screen sounds round and curved, as Hallway’s sounds already suggested. The whole thing ends with a crown. This crown will undoubtedly remind you of itApple WatchObviously.

Apple Watch Series 7 Preview
Apple Watch Series 7 Preview // Source: Arnaud Gellino – Frontroid


At Google I / O 2021 last year, Google has shown that it is inspired by Apple’s iOS privacy features. Everything said this year about advertising and privacy in this year’s keynote address is consistent with Apple’s speeches.

5 new Google I / O features borrowed from Apple

We reduce your data trackingVice President Jen Fitzpatrick in describing the philosophy “Protected systemFrom Google: “If there is no data, it cannot be hacked.“. Android 13 brings comprehensive controls over apps access to files on your phone.

Google will test the best control over the capabilities of applications to keep track of what you do. You should see the new “Advertising Center” coming into your Google Account, which will allow you to better manage what kind of advertising you are being subjected to. It’s not as serious as Apple, but it’s a big step for Google.

In short, here we show you the visible face of Google, however two hours and thirty minutes is the opening key text Was full of innovations. Google is at the forefront of many fields, including artificial intelligence. For example, The The keynote address concludes with a concept clip showing how Google works Real-time automatic translation. With augmented reality interfaces, Google wants to break the language barrier with the new AR glasses. Yes, Google Glass dream seems to be alive – in the demo video it looks even more beautiful.

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