Complete the applause for the Moroccan People’s Favorite Series, Standing Up

Clap de fin pour Standing Up, série préférée des Marocains

Not Standing Up Season 2. Oliver Joard of Les Incredibles magazine has confirmed that Netflix has canceled the series. United Business Journal. “I’m saddened and disappointed that the Netflix series has not been able to sustain any longer. I’m still proud to have done it with my team.I was disappointed that the script was completed “two-thirds” and all the technical and creative teams were exempt from their contracts.

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Standing Up first came out on Netflix on March 18th. Creator of Call My Agent! In an interview, who is the originator of this first good French series by American company Fanny Herrero Various, He said he was already making Season 2 and was talking about what we can expect this season. Against all expectations, the adventure stops.

The reasons for Netflix’s termination may be related to the fact that the series failed to integrate the top 10 TVs in the world (non – English speaking). Standing Up Netflix spent 20 days in the top 10 in France and 26 days in the TV top 10. With the exception of Netflix France, the show lasted only one day in the top ten locations in Belgium, Luxembourg, South Korea and Morocco.

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