Virtual Reality: NASA invites epic games on the bed to capture Mars

Virtual Reality: NASA invites epic games on the bed to capture Mars

Virtual Reality: NASA invites epic games on the bed to capture Mars

Virtual reality has become an excellent training tool for many corporate applications. But what if your company is ready to explore Mars? NASA’s primary task is to develop a virtual reality simulator for Mars exploration. In particular, the White House has ordered the US space agency to land a man on Mars by 2023. If the mission seems too ambitious, it will not stop NASA from moving forward.

It is part of a public competition organized by video game publisher Epic Games and on the Grout sourcing platform, in partnership with Pionda, which specializes in real-time graphic simulation. The goal is to create contributions to the VR test bed environment that reflect the experiences the astronaut encounters on Mars.

Seb Loss, Unreal Engine’s Business Manager for Simulation at Epic Games, says: “Creators can use the Unreal Engine to create realistic simulation scenes to prepare for NASA’s future missions.” Whether you’re a game designer, architect, entertainer or rocket scientist, We can not wait to see the rapid simulation of community. “

Unreal 5 for redemption

This is not the first time NASA has hosted crude sourcing challenges at HeroX. These challenges are a variation of the classic public-private partnership that has defined the relationship between the space agency and the private sector for decades. Public involvement helps to use NASA’s evolution as a space exploration organizer, especially when innovative companies send millionaires into orbit on spectacular launches.

Until now, the US space agency has used this method to search for solutions for recycling space debris and to deliver energy solutions to the moon. NASA’s new MarsXR challenge aims to contribute to an extended reality test bed environment that reflects the experiences and situations encountered by astronauts on Mars. NASA and Fundia work together on Epic Games’ Unreal 5 engine. Participants in NASA’s MarsXR Challenge will enjoy special access to this virtual reality environment that simulates resources such as Mars’ gravity and weather, realistic Martian terrain and rovers and suites.

The idea is to create additional resources and scenarios for competitors in the virtual reality environment so that future Mars explorers can face any situation. These simulations could eventually be used to train astronauts and prospective visitors to Mars. Hero Q President and CEO Stone K. Sahoda says, “It’s always exciting to see how sophisticated technology makes possible what we previously thought was impossible.”


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