The most annoying problem to be solved

The most annoying problem to be solved
Freebox Pop: The most annoying problem is about to be solved

Some Freebox pop subscribers find that there is no myCanal on their Android player following an error. Announces the upcoming resolution for free.

An anxiety that has been going on for a month now is soon history. There is a lot of evidence coming out of subscribers with the pop player that it is not possible to connect to myCanal from Oqee and the Android application page. Despite the many recommended manipulations, these subscribers still do not have access to the Canal + Video-on-Demand operating system and are annoyed about this in the Oqee forum.

This concern will be resolved soon, and help is assured. ” Our groups have isolated the source of the problem. Adjustment should come soonGale explains and apologizes for the inconvenience. If you subscribe to one of the Canal + offers, you will soon regain full operating system access.

Site accessible to Freebox subscribers with TV via Canal

MyCanal is the official application that allows Canal / Canal + subscribers to take advantage of their offer on all screens, and non-subscribers can access unencrypted programs on iOS and Android. This is the most essential application of all Free users who subscribe to the “TV Buy Canal” offer through Freebox (Delta and Revolution) have access to all of MyConnel’s functions, such as channel channels, Freebox’s free channels and replay.

MyCanal also offers a version of Android TV compatible with Freebox Pop and mini 4K (Find out our test) This application can also be found on Apple TV as the main TV box for the new Freebox Pop and Delta subscribers or as multiple TVs for others.

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