The Moroccan group “La Gala” won all the prizes of the Kazrin International Contemporary Drama Festival

La troupe marocaine “La Gala ” rafle la totalité des prix du Festival international de théâtre contemporain de Kasserine

The play “Sagmarra” by the Moroccan group of living arts “La Gala” won all the prizes at the 10th International Contemporary Drama Festival “Zombie” held in Kazrin (central-west of Tunisia) from May 6 to 10.

In addition to the grand prize, members of Guelmim’s “La Gala” team won prizes for best production, visuals and text. “We are delighted to be honoring Morocco by winning these prizes that we dedicate to the people of Morocco,” said Omar Battah, art director of the La Gala Living Arts Group.

Welcoming the determination and effort to win these prizes, his team “won the race” and competed for the grand prize of the Kasreen Contemporary Drama Festival. He recalled the success of the play “Samkarra”. Great gift from the Green March Festival in Laayoune in November 2021.

The group’s art director said the play tells the story of former civil servants Khali and Aliad, who were fired for their involvement in corruption cases.

According to him, the lives of these two former civil servants take a new turn after this dismissal by being involved in murders outside the country.

During the ceremony, the play was presented by the “La Gala” troupe, which was welcomed by the jury and accepted favorably by the 10th edition of the 10th edition of the contemporary play “Zombie” by Kazrin.

The jury for the tenth edition is chaired by Tunisian Maunir Kasri, with Tunis’ Nurhan Fouzian, Jordan’s Yod al-Ramouni and Iraq’s Najm Najm.

The festival was marked by the participation of groups representing several countries including Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, Oman and Saudi Arabia, Sudan.

The event marked the presentation of 27 theatrical performances, including 15 from Tunisia, as well as organizing workshops on a variety of themes, including artist and theater.

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