Explanations of Yield Stagnation by Terre-Net Readers

Readers of Terre-Net see many other reasons for the 20-year stagnation in wheat production in France, other than global warming put forward by Serge Zaga.

Readers' words stagnation wheat yield “What if we had reached the maximum yield of wheat?” Asked Briggs Verd.

D.For twenty years, Wheat yields will no longer increase In France. Wrong, importantly, Global warmingSaid Agricultural meteorologist Serge Jaga on Twitter Last week. Editorial staff posts Terre-net.fr You have been informed and many readers have reacted, each with their own interpretation, not all related to climate.

“Drought, Cheat, Failing PS”: The Lost Tryptic …

Eric LetinoisOf course, “Drought, cheater, PS whats the fair” accuses.

Like Anna Gage The one who expressed more poetically that “mountains do not rise towards the sky”. “An‘ agricultural ’proverb,” he says.

“As if we, the grassroots farmers, could not do this study! Shouts Jerry Gumber.

“Less Fertilizers and Phytos”

Roger MauganBelieves in himself, “(…) Spreading controlsFertilization is linked to notebook and nitrogen flow notices “, something needs to be done about this as well.

“Do not forget that we give too much ‘vinegar’ (…) to our crops!, Adds 5% of August AntoineStrong mouse Reduction of phytosanitary therapy.

These studies, which highlight only the role of climate, are completely bogus, judges Briggs Green. Wheat yields stagnate Because, if we rationalize on average, we have reached maximum potential. Before the 1950s, farmers did not use chemical fertilizers. Now almost everyone uses it. (…) In short, always climate … a little more taxing. ⁇

“For not earning much !? ⁇

“Yield corresponds to stagnation 92 PackThinks for his part Tetridus. (…) The regulatory framework kills innovation and desire. Not only agriculture but all sectors are concerned! ⁇

Why try to increase yields instead of “we don’t get much” if, in other words, if the producers don’t come up better Grain income ?, He asks himself Christopher Conic.

“This article should be published on social networks Anti-basins ! », Ends Florent Pedos In a mocking tone.

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