The subject and answer key to a bachelor’s degree in economics and social sciences

Subject and Answer Key for Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Social Sciences - SES 2022 (Released)

Subject BAC SES. After two rounds of SES exams in the 2022 Undergraduate section, all the Economics and Social Science subjects for the 2022 Undergraduate course and the answers written by the teachers will be fully available.

[Mis à jour le 12 mai 2022 à 20h47] All copies were returned and the SES test in the 2022 undergraduate section was officially completed. On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th May, the candidates spent their afternoon time in Economics and Social Science exam. On the subject page, they chose between one article and two hybrid tests, all of which are comprehensive and can be consulted on Linternaute by browsing this article. But now that the test is over, answers to the SES sources are needed. Professors of Economics and Social Sciences have reflected on the issues and questions raised during the exam in order to prepare answers to each exercise of the mixed exam and the subject of the dissertation. These concise answers, obtained in partnership with the specialized media Studyrama, can be discussed below.

If applicants are looking for answers, this is the only way to get an idea of ​​the quality of the work they have provided and above all to evaluate the score they can get in this exam. It calculates the coefficient. Average 16 Graduate. All the special exams have the same weight in the final score, but it is a fact that the SES exam is a big challenge for the applicants. Final year high school students will have until July 5 to compare their transcripts and corrections. Undergraduate Results 2022

Answers to SES Exam in 2022 Undergraduate Section

Studyrama, its partner, provides you with answers to SES exam papers written by an associate professor with Linternaute. For all the exercises in the research article category, the proposed answers are presented because the arguments presented in this copy are not the only ones that can answer the problem.

Answers for Wednesday, May 11, 2022 SES Exam:

Answers to the SES exam on Thursday, May 12, 2022:

What are the SES subjects for undergraduate degree in 2022?

All subjects of the SES Exam for the 2022 Bachelor’s Degree are available in partnership Statrama. On Wednesday, May 11, the study was placed primarily on the question of growth under the guise of economics: “Is the accumulation of factors of production the only source of economic growth?” Rational training, supported by a document file, focused slightly on the social sciences, dealing with work and especially the evolution of employment and the coordinating role of work. Questions of knowledge, which mix economics and sociology and throw a wide web.

For the second round of topics on Thursday, May 12, “How Do We Explain International Trade?” Was able to choose the title of the article. And two joint experiments, including a general practice of reasoning, in a document that proposes to “question the attitude of social classes toward French society.” As for questions related to knowledge mobilization, they involved both the economy and the community and were ultimately interested in document research growth and productivity enhancement.

Lessons for the SES Special Exam on Wednesday, May 11th :

Lessons for the SES Special Exam on Thursday 12th May :

How is the SES Special Examination conducted in Bachelorette?

The Economics and Social Science Special Exam will last four hours. For this specialty, applicants must choose between three subjects: the dissertation based on the document file and the two subjects of the composition test. If they choose the review article, applicants should answer not only one question, but in a comprehensive and above all argued way. Composition tests are divided into two parts. The first, compulsory and common to all candidates, is a fair exercise based on a ten-point scoring document. The second half of the exam is different between the two subjects, the candidates can answer the knowledge gathering question worth four points and complete the document study for six points or answer the three mobilization questions for a total of ten points.

Each part of the test deals with different subjects from the project to cover all the themes of the project and to give the candidates chances of success. Note that the third part of the research paper and the joint experiment (document review) is related to several themes of the SES project.

What is the date of Economics and Social Science Special Examination in Bachelorette?

The exam session for special exams is short, from May 11 to 13, which reduces the chances of an exam date. The SES special exam is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11 at noon and Thursday, May 12 from 2pm to 6pm.

When will the SES exam results be released?

Primarily, the results of the special examination for economics and social sciences will be available on July 5, while the results of other experiments (French, philosophy and key oral) will be available. Special courses are evaluated one month in advance, which does not affect the release of results.

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