The pungent smell of gas!

Visite du MAE russe en Algérie : La forte odeur de gaz !

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was on an official visit to Algeria to invite or “invite” its President to visit Moscow, not for Algerians. The sulfur compounds in the Algerian gas are toxic because it’s really about that.

Sergei Lavrov was certainly pleased with the increase in trade between Algiers and Moscow, but it was the usual nonsense. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Joint Declaration of Strategic Cooperation between the two countries, so much importance was given to the official side of this visit.

Outside the screen and behind the scenes, this is a different story, because in fact there is a strong smell of gas in the prelude to a working session between the representatives of the two countries. In fact, Algeria is a gas exporter, supplying more than 11% of the gas consumed in Europe, as opposed to 47% of its “strategic ally” Russia.

We know that since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, sanctions in many European countries and other countries have sought to reduce the dependence on Russian supplies. Also, we will return to Algeria, at least for the sake of proximity to those in the EU. Except there is a c.

In fact, Algiers has only one ability. ” Is too low to increase its exports According to the leadmodif of the aging population of Algiers, they are engaged in a serious effort not to alienate Moscow. However, quietly, we will not hesitate to open the floodgates and kick towards Italy, which, by the way, has seen European-centric developments in the region, thus replacing Spain. The latter bears its burden in the eyes of our two Statlers and Waldorf, “made in Algeria” for coming a little closer to Morocco.

But that doesn’t really matter, though Sergei Lavrov’s journey is gas related. Moreover, the Russian MAE did not hesitate to recall it. ” We hope that the agreements already made with Russia, Algeria and other gas exporting countries will be respected. “, He underlined. We can see that, therefore, this question of hydrocarbons very superficial at this time regarding the gas situation in Algiers and the world was precisely, we imagine, Russia protects his back and Algeria does not want to give him a baby behind his back.

This is because the strategic depth of relations between Algeria and Russia is shallow. In Moscow’s view, Algeria is no more or less a good customer for its arms supplies. In addition, 46% of Russia’s arms exports to the Algerian continent ($ 10 billion a year) have the largest defense budget in Africa. I have to say if it is sexy. All is well for the state treasury of the Russian Federation. In the east of Eden, Russian weapons are being bought very relentlessly, and we can find ourselves on the platform of the best customer behind India and China.

Apart from these military elements, Algeria’s relations with Russia are far removed from the alliance of “strategic allies”. Russia’s presence in Algeria is weak and insignificant in many respects, especially the economy and finances, so a partnership is perceived by very weak profits.

Broadly speaking, Europe and the United States are better off in economic exchanges than Russia. The latter exports billions of dollars to Algeria and imports only a few million dollars despite food and beverages. In short, very few Russian companies go there. Diplomatically, this is not “such a strategic alliance.” Russia has never openly sided with Algeria in the conflict against Morocco and has greatly improved its trade relations with the Kingdom.

The conference with an unpronounceable name for the Algerian president, the Kremlin, will certainly not become a cakewalk at the other end of the table for the elderly. The unfortunate ones vainly promise Moscow that they will not choose to increase gas exports to the European continent because, due to its low production capacity, it will be condemned at the same level as its predecessor in its remote seat. . Russia, which holds the world’s gas manna, has ruled that it is not possible to reconsider existing agreements, so Algiers must abide by it. Otherwise, the house of cards will collapse.

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