Controversy over "based" subjects in the Economics and Social Science exams

Controversy over “based” subjects in the Economics and Social Science exams

The Association of Researchers, Educators and Economists Against the “New Liberal Tradition” believes that everything can be shown “with the help of an example” and vice versa. So we didn’t show anything in this way. If there is no choice of the question asked. ⁇

The target for their anger? Many of the test reports are “dependent” according to them. And more specifically the following two: “Show that work is the source of social integration”; “You will show by an example that the actions of public authorities in favor of social justice can have dire consequences. ⁇

The Association of Professors of Economics and Social Sciences also commented on the second report, “Innovation will help push back the environmental boundaries of development.” “According to them, this is a sign that environmental issues are not being adequately considered in the plans.”

If the subjects are in line with the plans found in the progress of the graduates, Apses will adopt a global approach to their discipline that is “very complex, non-pluralistic, very large themes, which distorts students’ intellectual development”.

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