Rock carved gateway discovered on Mars!

Rock carved gateway discovered on Mars!

Photo taken on May 7 by Curiosity’s Mastcam. At the center of the so-called geographical feature Greenhugh Pediment. Ten years of study The red planet And this Round Of NASA We don’t want to end up giving ourselves strong emotions. This method is misunderstood with this astonishing system Door Dug by a Alien civilization in Mars. Almost like the entrance gate of one of our pyramids. Enough to excite many fantasies.

However, the truth can deceive you. Because what we see in this picture is very natural, there is a possibility of fracture due to cutting. As a result, perhaps, a kind of tension broke the rock somewhat. No doubt on one occasion Earthquake As recently recorded Insight work.

Note also that the size of the structure in question is unknown. It may be only a few centimeters. After the strange Heavy structure Discovery of நிலா Speak Chinese rover Yutu-2, pareidolia – the phenomenon of seeing known structures that have nothing unusual, as we identify patterns. Clouds – And it will one day meet the form of extraterrestrial life – causing dreams – or fear.

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