Google Introduces A Pixel Watch And Pixel Tablet

Google Introduces A Pixel Watch And Pixel Tablet

The highlight of the 2022 edition of the I / O Conference is this: Google has provided a brief overview of its future products, be it Pixel 7, Pixel Watch or Pixel Tablet.

Until the end of the Google I / O conference, Mountain View took over to show off its cards, deliver news about its products, but also give an overview of what the future holds. The first look at the Pixel 7 smartphone, but we were held to the presentation of a watch and tablet.

Two products, appropriate nickname PixelWatch And Pixel TabletPixel 7 is expected this fall as well. It is noteworthy that this is the first time that Google has chosen the first teaser in advance for its future products, as the American company does not want to be roasted. By possible leaks.


Source: Screenshot

Google’s Pixel Watch

Google does not go into too much detail about each product as it is an overview of what its customer base has to offer. The company has revealed that it has designed its products from A to Z. The watch shows a circular dial with a relief at the top with a dome. The crown of the watch is advertised as tactile, while the finish is stainless steel.

This attached watch can generally perform all the tasks assigned to this type of product. It will provide payment, health and wellness information, weather and fitness tracking and many more features. It can connect to third party devices like Pixel 7.

Overview of Google Smartwatch.  // Source: Screenshot
Overview of Google Smartwatch. // Source: Screenshot

Google’s Pixel Tablet

Google has slightly raised the screen of its own future tablet, which is very logically named … Pixel Tablet. This is expected shortly after, as the US company has announced a commercial release for 2023. Aside from the fact that it runs on a tensor chip, very few components are currently supplied.

Featuring the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and the soon-to-be Pixel 7 (the more successful version), this processor is an integral part of the chip designed by Google. Like Apple, Mountain View wants to have more control over this hardware. Tension chips are unique in that they provide skills in machine learning as part of AI.

Popular Pixel Tablet.  // Source: Screenshot
Popular Pixel Tablet. // Source: Screenshot

The conference also provided an opportunity for Google to talk about a number of services that are under development or in the process of being deployed. It’s a lot of search near me ‘, to find what you want near you, and the generator of virtual bank cards. Mountain View also provided the evolution of its “OK Google” command to integrate vision.

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