Gray weather and rain again

Gray weather and rain again

If the weather is sunny in the north and southeast, the gray color calls itself to the area, with some rain in Auvergne and Franch-Comde.

After two days of good weather, it is getting dark again in the area on Thursday, May 12th. If the weather is sunny in the north and along the Mediterranean coast, the sky will be overcast in central France. Weather Channel *. Some rain is expected in the afternoon in Auvergne and Franche-Comté, with some thunderstorms in Aquitaine. The heat, meanwhile, is summer, though slightly lower in the northern half.

Weather in your area

In West, from Pays de la Loire to Normandy, A sunny day with beautiful clearings in the morning at the tip of Brittany. Note, however, that there are some gray clouds locally. Good weather continued in the afternoon, with slightly lower but especially mild temperatures. It is 16 ° C in Brest and 19 C in Ren.

In North, from Hots-de-France to Center-Wall de Lower, The sun shines in the morning, accompanied by a light cloudy veil. The weather will be sunny in the afternoon, but the clouds will be heavy. Meanwhile, the temperature has dropped slightly over the past two days.

In East, from the Alsace to the Auvergne-Rh -ne-Alps, The sky will be cloudy in the morning. Gray clouds are expected in Burgundy as beautiful thin conditions develop along the German border. The gray color increases in the afternoon with showers and some thunderstorms in Franois-Comte. The weather in the Alps and Rhne Valley is dry, while the temperature is high. It will be 25 C in Strasbourg and 26 C in Lyon.

In South WestGray weather is expected in the morning on the Atlantic coast and limousine. Veil is high in the Pyrenees. In the afternoon the sky will be overcast with a chance of showers or thundershowers. The temperature, for their part, shows a slight drop, but is moderate.

In South East, The weather has been sunny since morning, with good clearings forming along the Mediterranean coast. Bright sunshine and beautiful blue skies are on display in Corsica. The afternoon sun continues to shine, always with a light screen of cloud. The wind, which blows Mistral and Tramontana, blows at 60 km / h, while the temperature is summer. It is 20 C in Nice and 26 C in Perpignan.

* The Weather Channel is the property of the Figaro Group.

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