Crisis – Algerian President Debon dismisses General Mahmoud, head of foreign intelligence

Crisis - Algerian President Debon dismisses General Mahmoud, head of foreign intelligence

Within 16 months of his appointment as head of the Directorate General of Documents and External Security (DDSE), the powerful Algerian general-major, Nourdin McGregor, was fired on Tuesday by “Mahfoud”, as well as his right-hand man, according to Colonel Hossain’s Paulahia algeriepart information site.

The site did not provide any details about the alleged “serious facts” against this senior Algerian military official.

Established in this position on January 20, 2021, General Mohamed Fawcett, now known as “Youssef”, is being held in the Plita Military Prison.

General Macri, better known by his nickname “Mahfoud Polisario”, should be reminded that Rabboni’s separatist officer did not actually carry out his duties as head of the DDSE – we confirm.

Due to his many chronic illnesses, his post was managed by his right-hand man, Colonel Hossain Hamid, also known as Hossain Paulahiya. The one who was first targeted by this dismissal, dragged McGregor to his dizzy fall, citing the same sources.

+ Tactically conducted investigation

According to Algeri Bart, Macri’s dismissal led to a major investigation into the bribery of Hossain Paulahia, Colonel Hossain Hamid, who for months had established himself as the real boss of the DTSE. There was great unrest for all the officers of the services.

For its part, the Algerian site Interline reports that Boulahya was immediately asked by officials of the Central Directorate for Military Security (DCSA), shortly after the announcement of his dismissal.

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