An American company has offered to pay you to stop Dictoc

An American company has offered to pay you to stop Dictoc

Shane Compagny, an American jewelry company, offers a $ 1,000 salary to stop using TikTok for three months. The goal is Encourage users of the Chinese social network to detox from it.

Only one after another will be selected Competition. She should completely stop using the app that provides short video content ranging from cooking tips to dancing to challenges. The chosen person must also do one Full report To an American company On his feelings And What she did was change the time she usually spends on social networking One billion monthly active users.

To participate you must be able to prove with supporting statistics that you are an active user of the social network and be of legal age. The company will pay up to the selected person 1,000 US dollars or about 948 euros.

In France, the TikTok 2021 had 14.9 million active users each month. This social network mainly affects young people, 40% of 11-14 year olds in France have a TikTok account, Can be a content creator or a simple viewer.

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