Test: Choose your specialties in the undergraduate course according to the course you choose

Test: Choose your specialties in the undergraduate course according to the course you choose

Choosing your specialties in high school is not easy. Second-year students must choose from three specialized courses for the first year. They will only keep two in the final year. Which to choose?

Do you want to study for a business school, BTS or university degree? Engineering school? This quiz allows you to find two specialties that are most relevant to your exam course. Let’s go!

Select your undergraduate specialties according to your study plan

This quiz will give you a couple of bachelorette specializations that were preferably selected by high school students last year.

“Read more – Find undergraduate results at the Figaro website

The second test, on the other hand, invites the high school student to complete the specialization he or she wants to pursue. Three related orientations The best in his life are given to him.

Choose your bachelorette orientation according to your specialty choice

Both devices are designed based on that Data from the Ministry of Higher EducationTaking into account the training provided to Parcoursup graduates.

Twelve special lessons

As a reminder, students must select three specials in Premier and drop one in the terminal.

History, geography, geopolitics and political science

Humanities, Literature and Philosophy

Foreign languages, literatures and cultures

Ancient literature, languages ​​and cultures


Numerology and computer science


Engineering Science

Economics and Social Sciences

Chemical Physics

• Arts: History of the arts, drama, performing arts, performing arts, etc.

• Biological Ecology (Agricultural High Schools Only)

After the bachelorette reform in 2019, the results are based on 40% continuous evaluation and 60% final exams: first written and oral French, and then philosophy, specialties and finally excellent verbal. Emmanuel Macron during his campaign promised to put mathematics back in the center.

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