Microsoft wants to stop ransomware by strengthening its security features

Microsoft has now announced a new type of service called Microsoft Security Experts, which aims to help businesses and companies improve their security to stop ransomware.

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Companies will soon be able to hire Microsoft employees who specialize in cybersecurity To help them prevent threats from hackers. To this end, the new Microsoft Security Experts service was developed. Unlike other security benefits, it’s integrated. ” Expert trained technology with human-led services “.

At a time when cybercrime is on the rise, such concession companies should be allowed to make significant savings and improve their security. According to Microsoft, The ransomware is said to have cost businesses worldwide US $ 6 trillion last yearAnd that number is expected to reach $ 10.6 trillion by 2025. The US-based company reportedly thwarted more than 9.6 billion malware threats and 35.7 billion malicious emails last year, but now plans to go faster.

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What can Microsoft security experts do within companies?

This new “man-led” service will enable customers to achieve security, compliance, identity, privacy and productivity goals. Once recruited, Microsoft security experts, for example, Comb Data from Microsoft Defender, Office 365 or Cloud Applications. Microsoft claims that its experts review the results and provide customers with contextual alert information and instructions.

Creating and maintaining a comprehensive security team is increasingly difficult for companies, a team with the ever-expanding capabilities needed to meet the range of security demands today. Said Vasu Jakkal, Vice President, Microsoft.

The main culprits behind the ransomware attacks will be Russian hackers because they were able to pocket 74% of the ransom in 2021. France has also been hit hard by the malware, but phishing attacks are on the rise. In fact, phishing cyber attacks in our country have increased by 32% by 2021.

Source: Microsoft

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