China no longer wants foreign computers

China no longer wants foreign computers

When we ask ourselves questions about technological sovereignty, China takes the matter further than we do. According to a Bloomberg report, the Chinese government has issued an executive order to key government agencies and government-backed companies, which will have a massive impact. All computers and programs abroad must be replaced by local replacements within two years.

China no longer wants foreign computers
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In total, China needs to convert 50 million PCs in two years at the public sector level alone. However, the figures for the numerous companies that should be considered with government support in China are not calculated here. In addition, the extension is already planned for provincial governments. So, we’re talking about replacing tens of thousands of PCs.

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Adobe … Target!

The decision taken later Huawei ban ? This decision will affect US manufacturers. The government is specifically targeting companies such as HP and Dell, the nation’s largest PC retailers after Lenovo. On the software side, companies like Microsoft and Adobe are also banned.

There are major Chinese PC manufacturers including Lenovo, Huawei and Inspur. On this page, whether PCs use American (Intel, AMD, Nvidia, etc.) or Korean (Samsung, LG, etc.) components, China is sufficient to ensure delivery, which is still recognized. On the software side, Kingsoft and standard software offer Linux-based alternatives to Windows.

It is interesting to see how this decision will destabilize the future of large Chinese groups. Operating system, semiconductors… Rise can be very important and affect the whole world.

However, foreign groups have not lost everything … For at least ten years, China has encouraged the use of locally made computer products. In response, US IT giants such as HP and Microsoft have formed joint ventures with Chinese government-backed companies to further participate in large Chinese government orders.

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