A strange walkway was discovered at the bottom of the ocean

Un chemin pavé de briques au fond de l'océan ? © The Ocean Exploration Trust, E/V Nautilus, YouTube Screenshot

Beyond the Hawaiian Islands, marine scientists have discovered a strange geological structure that looks like an old brick road.

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The lava sinks into the lake in many places, causing local upheaval. As the waterfalls enter the volcanic lake, they slide over the surface of the lake and pull pieces of cold crust below the surface.

Could this be the legendary road to the city of Atlantis that scientists have discovered at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? This geographical formation is really impressive. About 1,000 meters below the surface of the water, members of the expedition Marine Research Foundation Invented a strange yellow brick path, or so it seems. Because these are not man-made bricks, but by natural processes.

The Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Path?

This stunning geological formation can be seen inside Babahanamogwakia Marine National MonumentA large marine reserve covering several islands to the northwest Hawaiian Archipelago. This volcanic area is currently the playground for scientists, who are particularly trying to classify the ancient chain Volcanoes Buried under the Pacific Ocean today. By doing a dive The summit of the sea Nutka, the team found that the seabed here is completely fragmented in the shape of completely rectangular bricks. Yes Discovery The scientists reacted immediately to this work, because such a creation is so rare and, naturally, analogous to the yellow brick road of the story. “ The Wizard of Oz », Or even the path leading to Atlantis is poetic.

See “Yellow Brick Road”. © Marine Research Foundation, E / V Nautilus, YouTube

No, too much boiled lava!

The geographical description is very interesting. It’s really about that HyloglostitisVolcanic rocks that are produced during a flow Washing Interacts with water. This sudden cooling creates a heat shock, which breaks the crystallizing rock. This type of rock is classic Volcanic eruptions Underwater. 90 fractures are visible here and giving this impression of bricks is the result of multiple explosions, which trigger multiple cycles of heat and cooling.

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