Spain contributed $ 4 million to the MINURSO budget

Sahara : l’Espagne a accordé 4 millions de dollars au budget du MINURSO
Spain, which has been deeply involved in the UN-led political process, demonstrates its keen interest in the Sahara issue. In addition to providing logistical support to the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General, Stefan de Mistura, the Spanish Government is financially contributing to the MINURSO budget. Madrid has paid more than four billion dollars since the creation of the UN mission in 1991, the Spanish government announced in a written response to Senator Carles Mullet. The latter inquired about his country’s efforts to support MINRSO, Europe-Axis.

According to a document cited by the Spanish agency, Spain contributes 2.1% to the mission’s budget. However, the Iberian neighbor did not provide troops to the United Nations to strengthen the rankings of the mission responsible for ensuring compliance with the ceasefire signed in 1991.

The Spanish government, in response, affirmed its commitment to be a “careful observer” of the mission’s mandate, while at the same time expressing a willingness to participate constructively in the success of negotiations between the parties to the conflict. The Spanish executive also wants to “co-sponsor related draft resolutions”, confirming the same source.

Note that Spanish diplomacy showed a particular interest in the subject of the Sahara after the arrival of Jose Manuel Alberes. The latter met several times with UN Ambassador Stephen de Mistura, for whom he assigned a military jet to travel as part of his regional tours. If Madrid is so interested, it is because it is part of the Sahara Friends Group at the United Nations, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and France.

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