Ring alarm test (2nd generation): a complete and affordable security solution

Once all the modules are installed, the configuration will not take much time. With Z-Wave, the local mesh network (each device becomes a transmitter) and low consumption they all work together and interact together. It also avoids concentrating on home WiFi, which can slow down the system.

Set up with the Ring app available on iOS and Android. After creating the user account, the application describes the different steps of the installation process with the help of short, thoughtful tutorial videos.

Once the base is installed and built into the WiFi network in our case (which is also possible over Ethernet) you can add different modules that suit you. You must select a product to configure (example: number keyboard), scan its QR code, and rename it if necessary In the end The four-digit code in use you will use to disarm or disarm the system.

It has been three months since the safety kit was installed in the 80 m² family and the user experience was consistent. Motion and window inventors do their job brilliantly; No action can be escaped from them and the user will be notified immediately using the push notification on his smartphone. However, it should always be very careful in the notifications received, which for some is far from an easy task considering the number of bushes received daily.

Once the siren is turned on, the countdown starts and lasts 60 seconds. It’s time to come out and close the stove. If you return home without disarming the alarm and detect the presence of a door or motion detector, a new 60-second countdown will begin. If infiltration occurs, this period will be too long. Unfortunately, this time frame cannot be configured for use.

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