Fortnite: The video game will be working with Fall Guys in less than a year!

Fortnite: le jeu vidéo devrait collaborer avec Fall Guys dans l’année !

Fortnight Knights will be delighted to find that the popular video game is soon to be collaborating with the multiplayer game Fall Guys.

Players will get the chance soon A collaboration Fortnite x Fall Guys. A collaboration that should land this year. MCE TV tells you everything!

A collaboration with Fall guysThat’s for sure!

As announced by iFireMonkey, Epic Fall Guys is involved in adding the URL to the website. This indicates that the video game will be coming to Fortnite soon.

From now on, iFireMonkey has announced that it will update these URLs on Twitter. ” Previously, I mentioned in my account that Epic works on two new Fall Guys URLs that will be redirected to the Fortnite website. I have an update to share! Looks like the Fall Guys x Fortnite initiative is going to host the event in the future. URLs updated“.

Good news for gamers! In November, it pointed inward at a possible shortcut between Fortnight and Fall Guys. Information about clothes in particular was leaked at the time.

Leaked content may include some Bunny crawler, navy and peal costumes. “Lute Lama” and “Slurp” nameplates are also leaking.

With this URL change, Everything indicates that the shortcut will finally happen. Millions of players are impatiently waiting for information! This may be an opportunity to play the game (again) on the iPhone.

Fortnight Back on the iPhone?

After the update, Fortnight players were allowed to pay Epic fees, bypassing Apple’s payment methods. The American company removed the game from the App Store.

Faced with this humiliation, Epic Games sued. Complaint turned into a long legal battle.

In addition to this concern between Epic and Apple, Microsoft and Apple are also different. This led Apple to pursue a new policy. Every game in the service must be authenticated before being allowed on the App Store.

The App Store has been created as a safe and reliable place for customers to find and download appsAnd a great business opportunity for all developers“, An Apple spokesman said Who is inside.

Two years later, Fortnight Not yet available in the App Store. But Microsoft has introduced a new way to recover the game on the iPhone and iPad.

Open a web browser on your iPhone or iPad. Then go to and sign in to your Xbox account.

After logging in, the player will be redirected to the games-rich page in Xbox Cloud Gaming. One of the functions provided Fortnight, Available for free.

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