First black and gay woman to be White House spokeswoman

First black and gay woman to be White House spokeswoman
– a. Jamal /

This is a great first thing: Karen Jean-Pierre was the first black and gay woman to become a White House spokeswoman.

All I hate about Donald Trump is: woman, black, gay and mom : Here is what was said Kareen Jean-Pierre In 2018. Today, under Joe BidenShe will be proud to be the first explicit homosexual black woman to hold this position.

So Karen Jean-Pierre will replace Zen Zaki, who was his assistant. A former participant in several presidential campaigns, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, he assumes the responsibility of taking the President’s speech to the press.

The first black woman to hold this position is the obvious LGBTQ + person, which is great because representation is important and she will give voice to many and show many what you can do. Work hard and dream big , Jen Psaki happily expressed. Extremely emotional, the White House’s future voice announced: ” This is a historic moment, I feel it. I understand how important this is to many.

The news comes at a time when the United States is being rocked by a wave of conservatism aimed at challenging women’s abortion rights.

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