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Arbe’s boss denies …

Questioned in an article in L’Humanité, Bruno Medling, chairman of the Arbitration Regulatory Commission (Arpe), admitted on Monday that he had developed the expertise used by Uber, but denies being an employee at a US company.

The former director of human resources (HRD) at Orange, who is now head of the organization that oversees the first professional elections among VTCs and deliverers, has been accused of “integrating the Uber argument into social dialogue by 2020”. .

He is the “main author of Uber’s contribution to the Frouin mission,” writes L’Humanité, who condemns the conflict of interest.

Led by Jean-Yves Froyn, former chairman of the Cassation Court’s social chamber, the mission aims to present a number of ways to regulate the sector of sites, such as the late Uber or Delivero, in terms of workers’ rights. . Its report was submitted in early December 2020.

The government immediately handed over a task to Bruno Medling to write a draft mandate to streamline the social dialogue between the sites and the workers.

“As part of my advisory role in helping Uber understand our social security system and the expectations of employees’ rights, I attended the College of Experts in early 2019,” he told AFP. Medling explained.

“Uber took its essence and did what it wanted. It’s a professional contribution to the rest. Contrast sites review.

“This is my role as an expert: Have I been hired by Uber? No. Have I been paid for this expertise? Yes. This does not contradict my role in the leadership of RBI,” he added.

From Monday to May 16, independent VTC drivers and caterers will be invited to vote online to select their representatives, who will be responsible for negotiating with the platforms in a series of subjects ranging from pay to working conditions. , Including social security.

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