4 Tips and Hacks for Golf Beginners

Golf is a game that might seem a bit daunting at first. Even the very idea of being able to hit a ball hundreds of yards with any degree of accuracy sounds farfetched to many beginners, but in truth, it doesn’t have to be all that complicated or scary. Getting started playing golf is simple when you follow these few tips.

You Don’t Need All the Clubs to Start Out

According to the rules of golf, you’re allowed to have up to 14 clubs in your golf bag, but that doesn’t mean you actually need to have all 14, particularly when you’re starting out. In reality, you only need a handful of clubs to play a round of golf.

You’ll definitely need a driver, a putter and a sand wedge and you’ll need a few irons. We suggest the 6 and 8 iron, as well as a pitching wedge if you want to go really barebones. These clubs are the ones that offer the easiest playing experience for beginners by creating the most loft. Hybrid golf clubs are perfect for your first set. Of course, if you do opt for all 14 clubs, you might want to make use of a golf cart to avoid having to carry them all around, and that’s where you can let your creativity shine with pimping it out by checking out the spares and parts available at sites like Golf Cart Tire Supply – they even offer hub caps!

Choose a Ball That’s Suitable for a Beginner

Golf balls come in an almost infinite number of brands, types, and options, and choosing one can be very difficult. The best way to get through this first choice is to simply choose a ball that is made for either distance or control. Avoid the balls that offer more spin as they’re generally designed for more experienced golfers. Take a few different balls out with you for your first few rounds and use a variety to see which ones work for you. You should also avoid paying a lot for golf balls in the beginning too because you’re going to lose a lot of them when you start playing, and that’s okay!

Get Some Help with the Basics

You shouldn’t ever feel like starting to play golf is something you have to do alone with trial and error and video tutorials. Almost certainly the local clubs will offer golf lessons for any level, and you should take advantage of these lessons. It’ll cost some money to take some lessons, but it’ll very quickly offer an improvement on your game if you’re just starting out. Even if your intention is just to play socially on occasion, getting more proficient at the game will never hurt.

Hit the Driving Range

One of the most effective ways of getting better, particularly at playing the long game is hitting a lot of golf balls. It’s not effective to go to the driving range and take your driver and smash as many balls as you can as far as you can either. Use the driving range to practice all of your shots, from moderate distance irons to long distance drivers. Many ranges will have a chipping and putting section too where you can get in plenty of practice.

Like anything, playing golf requires practice and a level of dedication, but you don’t ever need to put more time into it than you want to. You can enjoy the game with a few friends as a social pastime or you can take it more seriously and start playing because you want to be good at it and win the club competitions. Golf is a wonderful way to spend time outside making friends and enjoying a rewarding hobby.

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