Google's latest Nest Game & Torpel will open on Amazon Alexa commands

Google’s latest Nest Game & Torpel will open on Amazon Alexa commands

Nest devices work well with each other, but that’s not all. Google is also thinking about owners of Amazon Echo and Fire devices, and Alexa offers the ability to control the Nest thermostat by voice using its competitor’s screens, speakers and tablets. Nest cameras are obviously not forgotten, though 2021 limit Not supported until very recently.

Now it is done Nest game (drums), But there is also a nest game (wire), a nest game with a projector and a nest doorbell (battery). Since the latest update, Google Nest capability for Alexa has allowed more precise access to live video feeds from Echo shows, Fire tablets and the latest Nest games from the Fire TV box. All you have to do is call Alexa and ask her: “Shows the stream [nom de la caméra]”.

Amazon screens, tablets and speakers can notify the user if motion is detected. All Echo and Fire devices, including the TV box, can notify viewers of Nest Doorbell (battery) activation and allow them to respond like an intercom.

Note that Amazon offers similar features to its Ring and Bling cameras. However, the company did not go so far as to support Google’s Nest speakers and screens.

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