American companies are coming out of silence and taking a stand on abortion

American companies are coming out of silence and taking a stand on abortion

End of a ban. Many American companies are currently taking a stand on the right to abortion, which is a sign of the emergence of a new generation with different expectations. After the leak, on Monday, May 2, it was only a matter of hours before a section of the U.S. economy announced a possible reversal of the Supreme Court’s question on abortion.

“Business leaders need to be aware of what is at stake and take action to protect the health and well-being of our employees.”Officers of Levi Strauss wrote. “This includes protecting reproductive rights.” Like the famous jeans manufacturer, Apple is committed to covering the costs incurred by its employees, who have to move to another state to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy.

Return to abortion rights “The rights of millions of women will be affected”AFP told the participation search site Yelp, which indicates “An earthquake for our community and our economy” And invites businesses “Start”.

In September, in Texas, Amazon, Uber or even Bank Citigroup announced that they would accept the costs since the new law came into force, reducing the deadline for abortions to six weeks. This text may incur additional costs to their employees.

“We are living in an extraordinary time politically. This issue is again a priority and companies need to come forward.”Says Maurice Switzer, a professor at Wharton University in Pennsylvania. “Companies located in return states [sur l’accès à l’IVG] It is up to them to decide whether or not to cover the costs associated with it (…), forcing them to put themselves into practice. “Says Neeru Baharia, a professor at Georgetown University.

According to New York Times, Tesla, which moved its headquarters from California to Texas, has agreed to reimburse these costs. “In this country, there are more proponents of the right to abortion than there are opponents of it,” Neeru Baharia recalled.

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