Leklerk returns to his controversial comments about Ramadan “roasted mutton”

Leklerk returns to his controversial comments about Ramadan "roasted mutton"

BFMTV created a living controversy by blaming Muslims for the oil shortage in France in the middle of Ramadan, while Michel-Edouard Leclerc, chairman of the E.Leclerc Centers’ Strategic Committee, meanwhile explained the oil shortage in stores. Eid al-Fitr’s cooking tradition, “Muslims roast mutton” festival.

After his comments on the antenna CNews On May 4, Internet users sometimes got angry and sometimes enjoyed these ideas like designer Rocket.

But in the face of the excitement caused by this immense character (the goat will not be sacrificed during Eid al-Fitr and no oil reserves are expected for Eid al-Adha, which is scheduled for July, because the mutton will not be fried in oil), the leader withdrew his comments. Sorry.

Michael-Edward Leklerk declared that he was “sorry if this comment hurt” and confirmed that he “should explain, not tarnish”. However, when the supermarket chief explained that “there are (all …) consumption explosives during the holidays”, he “should have stopped there”, he did not return to his comments. .

This new stigma against Muslims in the media this month of Ramadan follows the words of journalist Vincent Herwood that sheep were “stolen” from French farmers living in “complete isolation” as Eid al-Fitr approached. CCIE complained Against LCI department head, presenter Pascal Pratt and the CNews channel who posted the comments.

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