Info Awareness, this scam is causing havoc in Google Shopping, beware!

Alerte info, l’arnaque au matelas fait son grand retour et fait des ravages en France

If you’ve been looking for a sofa, you may have seen this ad because it was deleted, but remained so for several weeks in Google’s first results. Shopping in storeIt showed sales of the convertible sofa for about 360 euros.

Sofa never provided

Concern: Once paid, the product is not delivered to customers. The Numeroma site explains in an investigation released on May 3, 2022, that Vehrnex may have deceived nearly 700 people in the face of these offers. Google did not realize anything because it would have categorized the ideas of the products very well. , All fakes, praised the qualifications and pointed to the site specializing in new technologies.

All of the victims were reassured by the presence of a site, which is not available today, but a fake customer service that is still visible through the online archive site Wayback machine responded before it was quiet, and the more than a hundred reviews on Trustpilot are highly commendable. The customer review site will show you the criteria in favor of the purchase. Thus, many consumers like to inquire in forums before making a purchase when they have doubts, and this is where fraudsters are most prudent because they have written fake reviews. No one could have imagined this maneuver. Tens of thousands of euros have been swindled out of this system.

Well-established fraud

Numeroma mentions in its article Responsibility Sites that led to the scam, including Google Shopping or Cdiscount, registered Vehrnex as a reseller when it was a scam. A number of media outlets have commented that CDiscount has not reacted, while Google’s spokesman said it has taken “dishonest business practices” very seriously, calling its rules a “blatant violation”.

The latter said that the site has begun to extend identity verification to all advertisers. TrustPilot, for its part, made it clear that it would take “all possible action against manipulated ideas” and “against opinion marketing”.

Beware of scams

In Objeko, we often have the opportunity Speak Lots of scams on the web. We were able to talk to you about fake bank advisors who are supposed to transfer you. Many have had the opportunity to talk on TV about this theme of interest. On the internet, scams and scams abound and are often at the forefront of innovation.

We can cite pastoralists based on the African continent and try to contact Europeans and ask them for money. People get emails from it People Pretending to be gentrification or police and accusing the person of committing the crime and demanding money. This is a common scam these days. Many radio or television programs talk about topics related to fraud. This has caused a great deal of interest among the public. One man made it a special one, it was Julian Corbett. In RTL and M6, man comes to the aid of deceived or deceived consumers.

Faced with this situation, individuals contact Julian Corbett, who calls the latter wrongdoers. For example, building contractors may have done failed work. This is always the funniest moment.

But unfortunately, some people find themselves in very dangerous situations due to fraud. This is also the case with the betting site. One company offered to invest in an online betting site by making money for individuals, but this is a scam and the courts are investigating this. Do not hesitate To file Complaining in the event of a problem is the best way to get the fraudster out of the business. Objeko warns you against the danger of fraud. Fraudsters are always very imaginative, but you should know that the police do a lot of work to crack down on fraud and the justice system does its job.

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