Here’s how to tell if your smartphone is spying on you with this simple test.

Here's how to tell if your smartphone is spying on you with this simple test.

A simple test that you can do immediately to find out if you are being spied on by your smartphone.

Do our smartphones spy on us? Instead of being safe from spyware, we continue to wonder if the ads that are constantly being given to us on the Internet are not the result of internet spying.

One of the delivery channels for these unwanted ads is the popular social networking site Facebook. While many of the allegations against the US company have always been denied, skepticism about spying on smartphones hangs over users of Mark Zuckerberg’s site.

Smartphone spy

A new test released by The Sun reveals whether Facebook uses information it collects about users to target its ads. This simple trick dreamed up by Tic Tac Toe user Morton Rand Hendrickson is designed to check if phones are being tapped.

Create a fake product discussion with your smartphone

Morten Rand Hendriksen is a web developer who specializes in digital tracking software and secrets. With over 100,000 subscribers on his Tik Tok account, he regularly posts videos that offer advice on how to protect yourself from cyber attacks.

From the beginning of his video, the expert says: Facebook is not listening to you. But that doesn’t mean they can’t, it just means they don’t have to. True, he continues, very bad.

You need a friend and a lot of patience to find out if you are being spied on, he advises. When the two of you are the only ones talking about a product or service and no one else is listening, agree with someone you know who will continue to talk about it, Morton Rand Hendrickson advises.

During these fake chats, keep your phones close enough so that if Facebook is listening through microphones, it can pick up your conversation.

Smartphone spy

You should avoid any research on the internet in this regard. That means neither Twitter nor Instagram nor Facebook or Dictoc or anywhere else mentioned anything related to this product, the expert said. He adds: Until you mention it, you will see that the product does not appear in advertisements.

Attempts to provoke Facebook through search history

If ads for this product finally appear after several weeks, it means that Facebook is spying on you through the microphones of your smartphone. If there are no ads that match your trick, it’s time to investigate further.

To do this, Morton Rand Hendrickson suggests that you try to pop up a related ad. This method includes searching online and interacting with product-related social media posts. When related ads appear, ask your partner to do so.

Very quickly, many ads will come on your smartphones. This means that Facebook targets ads based on your search history rather than what you say in person.

Your conversations are ignored, but the computer scientist explains that once you type the text, everything is displayed immediately.

Be careful on your smartphone!

Professionals say Facebook accumulates a lot of data, so it’s impossible for the company to secretly register hundreds of millions of people, The Sun reports.


When asked by a Facebook spokesperson about this, the UK newspaper Unilever said that the ads were selected based on user interests and other profile information, not what you say out loud. If in doubt, always check yourself!

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