“Great for all who have been proclaimed, practically none.”

"Great for all who have been proclaimed, practically none."

Big interview – Mathematics has long been one of the last subjects to escape the fall at the school level in France. This is not the case today, as Polytechnic and researcher Oliver Ray underlines.

The weakness of French students in this field has now been demonstrated. Intellectuals are analyzing the reasons for this decline in more basic knowledge than ever before. It depicts a “dilapidated” education system where admission to all students, in fact, translates into a major rejection.

LE FIGARO. – The Ukrainian teenager who studied in France was surprised to find a low level in her new class of math. The March 21 report to Jean-Michel Blanquer on “The Place of Mathematics in the High School Public Road” bluntly acknowledges this: “The average level of mathematical skills in France has been declining for almost forty years”This “Regardless of the rating tool used (Timss, Cedre, LEC or Pisa)”. How do you explain this level of decline?

Olivier REY. – In his speech to “Digital Players” in September 2020, Emmanuel Macron was delighted: “Education is one of the best education systems in the world. (…) What

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