This is the ultimate VPN feature that will delight internet users!

This is the ultimate VPN feature that will delight internet users!

It’s official, Microsoft Edge embedded browser for Windows 10 and Windows 11 will provide free VPN. Be careful though, for example NordVPN may have unknown limitations.

Having a free VPN through your browser should intrigue Microsoft Edge users. That’s why People Act magazine, like its colleagues at, wants to know all the details of this exceptional offer.

Microsoft Edgevpn

Microsoft Edge occupies NordVPN territory

Microsoft Edge users, and Internet users in general, do not need to explain what a VPN is. But simply put, a VPN is an anagram of a virtual private network. So it is a kind of computer network that allows to protect the user’s navigation.

Technically, this involves creating a fake IP address so that the user can not be geolocated. This feature not only protects users and their data, but also allows them to access digital lists that are inaccessible from their current country. For example, access Netflix list From your sofa in France to the US.

So far, NordVPN has been the king of VPNs. A subscription to this software covers up to six devices. Also, it does not just create a virtual IP address to protect your data. According to Microsoft Edge, readers of People Act Magazine may not need this clarity, but it is actually a web browser.

Not just any web browser, because the internet has been around recently. In fact, he is As soon as possible Microsoft’s first browser to integrate free VPN into its services.

If so much was needed, we would have been at the dawn of a small revolution. Maybe even, if we exaggerate, the decline of paid VPN services. But this case is more complicated than that.

Important limitations of a secure network

Will Microsoft Edge and NordvPN users reconsider their subscriptions? In fact, internet users only pay a few euros a month Can Take advantage of NordVPN services. Plus, they’re constantly getting promo codes on their favorite YouTube videos.

But would they all be meaningless since Microsoft Edge has its own VPN? Microsoft Edge’s web browsing security feature, Secure Network, gets a boost.

The operating system does not specify that this is strictly a talking VPN.

But the features that motivate it are similar to NordVPN. This includes setting up an encrypted tunnel and creating a virtual IP address identifiable in a country other than the user’s location.

Such a free service would be detrimental to NordVPN and its competitors. But the People Act magazine mentioned above, Microsoft Edge VPN has its limitations. The browser’s secure network feature allows users only 1GB of data per month.

Beyond that, service charges will be levied. With such a small amount of data users can enjoy their Netflix subscription internationally. Nevertheless, in the next few days, you can get the first impression from this experience. Feedback that will undoubtedly allow Microsoft to improve its services.

Microsoft Edge

Of course, like our colleagues at, we look forward to hearing from you. Microsoft Edge opens the door to free VPNs with secure networks. A door that can be picked up by other equally important browsers such as NordVPN or Microsoft.

In some years, there will be no need to think about paying for a VPN service. Data security is one of the most important issues for Internet users and those who provide such services to them.

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