Freebox Pop upgrades to Android 10, what changes can you expect?

Freebox Pop upgrades to Android 10, what changes can you expect?
Freebox Pop upgrades to Android 10, what changes can you expect?

Xavier Neil started the driveA beta test program last week For Android 10’s upcoming deployment in its pop player. But what does this new version of Google’s OS bring?

An update to the Pop Player operating system is expected soon, and for those who do not follow the news of the Android TV versions, the new features are unknown. If we do not expect a major revolution in the use of your Decoder, it is worth going back in more detail to the additions of Android 10 compared to Android 9.

Android TV 10 mainly brings security and performance improvements compared to its predecessor. This OS is particularly compliant with the TLS standard, a protocol for securing transactions over a computer network. In addition, Android 10 hardens many important operating system security areas. The biggest new feature that is highly technical is the ADT-3 integration, which allows developers to build and test Android TV application implementations on Android 10. This will allow users to access more standard application updates and avoid further hiccups during updates.

Freebox developers have also announced a list of new features that Android 10 has brought. The most important thing for the average user is to focus on showing the applications that are free, simple and in them. For quick access. In this new version, pressing the free button for a long time will stop all applications, a very practical function that invites developers to use you “too little”.

Chromecast deep standby support will be upgraded and standby adjustments will be made to reduce power consumption. There is also an option to turn on 5V without disabling DeepStand, which is a useful feature for TVs that report your player’s HDMI status or to permanently enable devices via USB connected to the popup. Note the apparent view of the electrical impact of deep sleep inactivation and the reduction in the number of awakenings when the latter is activated. Developers are also planning some bug fixes, especially in HDCP.

Audio files can also be used on PCM 2CH DTS, DTS-HDMA, DTS-HDMR, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos in TrueHD, Dolby Digital +, Dolby Atmos in Digital +, etc. , DTS: X. Outgoing stereo content will no longer be forced to 5.1, and an option to add output to Dolby Stereo will be added. As a reminder, the beta testing program is open The operator’s backtracker.

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