The first photos of the telescope are simply breathtaking

Rarely works James Webb Already gives full satisfaction. First pictures taken Space telescope Unprecedented quality and resolution by scientists, reports Hafost.

NASA recently released several photos taken with telescopes, and many Netizens compared them to shots taken by other telescopes before this. The result is clear: James Webb, now 1.5 million kilometers away EarthProvides the best pictures ever made.

The first pictures of the “tremendous”

The machine has completed the alignment phase of its scientific instruments since April 28th. The three imagers and the spectrograph are now fine-tuned to the main mirror with a diameter of 6.5 m. Science films are coming in the summer. But the tools have already shown that they can “capture sharp and well-aimed images.” NASA.

The Myrim tool has already provided images of stars and gas from the large Magellanic cloud, A galaxy Dwarf, near the Milky Way. “This first picture is instantly fantastic,” tweeted Pierre-Oliver Luggage, science manager at the French Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission. โ€œWe looked at the quality of the film we were looking for. โ‡

Construction and launch of the James Webb Telescope cost 10 billion euros. That will allow For astronomers Around the world to observe the “past” as the first galaxies to form 200 million years after the Big Bang.

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