Bamako condemns the security agreement with Paris

Mali : Bamako dénonce l’accord de défense avec Paris
Mali’s interim government announced on Monday that it had severed its defense agreements with France. On the spot, French troops denounced its blatant violations of its national sovereignty. This decision marks a new stage in the deteriorating relations between the two countries. Paris considers Mali’s decision “unreasonable.”

Evidence from Mali’s interim government, which is in power after two coups, indicates that the French government was informed of their decision, which was taken in a highly tense situation between the two countries.

Malian officials announced the decision in a press release read on national television, saying they had observed a “deep decline in military cooperation with France” for three reasons, first the unilateral approach of the French ally. Come to an end with burgundy “.

The military junta also condemned “repeated violations of Mali’s airspace by French military agencies, despite the establishment of a temporary no-fly zone by Malian military officials.”

Meeting of Experts, “Delay Trick”

Finally, Mali condemns an “extension maneuver” when France demands that it convene a meeting of experts to reconsider the security agreement rather than send its amendments, more than two months after Mali sent its amendments in December 2021.

“For some time now, the government of the Republic of Mali has noted with regret the deep decline in military cooperation with France,” spokesman Colonel Abdulla Mika said in a television statement.

Micah cited several incidents in which French forces violated the country’s airspace. He also noted France’s decision to end joint operations with Malian forces in June 2021. Tensions between the French and Mali military regimes that seized power in August 2000 have been growing for some time.

Monday’s announcement, which has been threatened repeatedly in recent weeks, is the latest confirmation of the deteriorating relations between the military junta and France.

A result of a contest by Quai d’Orsay

The Malian regime’s decision to denounce security deals with Paris was “unreasonable”, the French Foreign Ministry protested on Tuesday, noting that France would continue its military withdrawal “in good order” as planned in the coming months.

“On May 2, France was informed of the unilateral decision of the Malian interim authorities to condemn these agreements.”

However, Paris has ruled out any effect on the calendar, which was announced in February and is expected to spread within six months, to withdraw Barclays’ subtle currents. Quai d’Orsay promises that it will “continue to properly withdraw its military presence in Mali, in accordance with the promises made to its partners and for the sake of coordination and respectful dialogue with Mali’s armed forces”.

In addition, Paris “reaffirms its vigilance in any attempt to manipulate information” and “recalls its commitment to ensuring the safety of its soldiers and European soldiers associated with it during this secession.”

Ambassadors said the UN Security Council held an informal closed-door meeting in Mali on Tuesday at Russia’s request. In a letter to the UN in late April, it was received by the AFP that Bamako had condemned “repeated and deliberate violations in national airspace by foreign aircraft, especially French forces, for espionage, intimidation and sabotage purposes.”

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