The photos of James Webb are incredibly high resolution

The photos of James Webb are incredibly high resolution

Space – Rarely inactive, James Webb He shows us what he is capable of through incredible photos released by NASA. On Twitter Followers compared these photos to photos taken Telescopes It was before him and the quality of James Webb’s resolution was second to none,You can see it in the video above the article.

The space telescope is located 1.5 million kilometers away Earth On Thursday 28th April it completed the alignment phase of its scientific instruments. Announced that it is now ready to explore the boundaries of the universe NASA.

Four powerful instruments, three imagers and a spectrograph successfully attached themselves to the main mirror (6.5 meters in diameter), with its deployment completed two weeks later in early January. Lifting James Webb Telescope (JWST) from French Guiana.

Each has reached its “operating temperature” and is now ready for its scientific commission, NASA detailed in a press release.

Stunning test images

While waiting for the first images of the scientific observations scheduled for the summer, the instruments confirmed that they were able to “capture sharp and well-aimed images.”

A small dwarf satellite galaxy in the Milky Way galaxy taken by the Myrim instrument looks like these images of stars and gas from a large magelanic cloud. “This first film was immediately amazing because we saw the quality of the films we were looking for,” tweeted Pierre-Oliver Luggage, Mirim’s science manager at the French Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission.

“Everything is going well (…) I firmly believe that through JWST we will advance science much faster,” the astronomer added.

Lee Feinberg, Elements Manager of the Web Optical Telescope at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said: “These remarkable experimental images demonstrate what people in countries and continents can achieve when they have a bold scientific vision to explore the universe.

The $ 10 billion James Webb is expected by astronomers around the world, and could be particularly noticeable for the first galaxies to form about 200 million years after the Big Bang.

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