California mobilizes to defend women and the right to abortion

California mobilizes to defend women and the right to abortion

California mobilizes to defend women and the right to abortion

Defend the right to voluntary abortion and welcome all women in their state who do not have access to it: Public rallies erupted in California on Tuesday following the release of the draft ruling on this achievement by the Supreme Court.

“Our daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers will never be quiet,” California Democratic Gov. Governor Gavin Newsome tweeted. “The world is going to hear their anger. California will not be idle. We will fight like the devils, ”he promised shortly after the document was released by the Politico site on Monday evening.

In the process, the governor of the most populous and affluent U.S. state and the heads of parliament announced “an amendment to include the right to choose in the constitution of our state.”

“We know we can not trust the Supreme Court to protect reproductive rights, so California will set a firewall around this right in our constitution,” they write.

Of course, this amendment should be put to a vote during the midterm elections next November, which will have a symbolic significance, as many laws already guarantee the right to abortion on California soil.

But the purpose of this announcement is this: to inform all women living in states rushing to control or prevent abortion that Democratic stronghold California will continue to welcome them.

“We will not abandon women and families affected by the reactionary and irresponsible policies of other states,” California Interim Senate President Tony Atkins told a news conference Tuesday. For them.

– One in four women –

According to GoodMatcher, the Supreme Court ruled in a few weeks that “Ro V. The Wade of 1973 (whereas the U.S. Constitution guarantees women the right to have an abortion until the fetus is “possible” states that 26 U.S. states will “certainly or probably” decide to ban abortion in their territory.

A recent study in the American Journal of Public Health concludes that one in four women in the United States will have an abortion before the age of 45.

“It’s not going to stop suddenly because it is banned by extremist politicians, this demand will remain the same! “Jodie Hicks, president of the Planned Parenthood organization in California, manages half of the 165 abortion centers in the state.

“It’s about dignity, people’s health and their path to the future,” he stresses, referring to the case of helpless and vulnerable young women who are forced to leave their state to have an abortion.

“We also know that people of low income, people of color (…) who want to have an abortion and those who are denied are four times more at risk than others,” Ms Hicks added.

Planned Parenthood says it has treated at least 80 out-of-state patients each month in California since Texas tightened its abortion requirements last September.

Its branch in Mar Monte, which covers northern California and neighboring Nevada, prepares to receive 250 to 500 additional patients per week. Wade ”is broken.

A new abortion center will open in Reno, close to the airport and other transportation hubs, to facilitate the arrival of women from other states, the planned parenthood says on its website.

California, which has distinguished itself by fierce opposition to former President Donald Trump’s conservative policies, has already passed legislation in 2014 that would force employers and private insurers to reimburse abortion for their health insurance.

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