Scientists claim to have developed a processor that is considered impossible

Scientists claim to have developed a processor that is considered impossible

In 1911, the Dutch physicist Camerling Ones discovered a major phenomenon: superconductivity. He observed that some materials, when cooled to temperatures close to absolute zero (-273.15 செல் C), conduct electricity very quickly and without loss of energy.

Such a property could have revolutionized electronics by allowing electricity to move faster and more efficiently. When electrons flow freely in a wire, it is very difficult to restrict or control their motion. Changing the magnetic field is the only way to force them to go one way or the other. However, one of the basic principles of modern electronics is that electricity must go in only one direction.

In the 1970s, IBM engineers tried to create a superconducting computer … in vain: they decided to abandon the project, thinking it was impossible without a one-way superconductor.

This is exactly what it isA team of American, German and Dutch scientists announced the victory.

Quantum object

In An article published in Nature magazine on April 27The team, led by Professor Mazar Ali, claims to have succeeded in orienting the electrons in one direction using the “Josephson encounter”.

Ali explained in a press releaseIt simply is“Sandwich of superconductors with non-superconducting barrier in the middle”. This type of device already existed, but could not actually run electrons.

When electricity is in a superconducting component, electrons form pairs “Cooper pairs”. Under certain conditions, these electrons oscillate very fast Quantum computer quits.

The real discovery of the scientists was the use of the specially developed quantum substance “Nb3Br8”. This layer of Nb3Br8 is made very thin. “Only a few layers thicker than atoms”And the miracle of science is that electrons only move in one direction.

This finding is a small step but can have enormous consequences. According to Mazar Ali, if we ever could make computers using this technology, they might be “300 to 400 times faster than we use today”. And add it If XXAnd There was the century Called semiconductors21stAnd Can become super conductors “.

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