RUGBY. Du pré à Smackdown, l’incroyable histoire du rugbyman catcheur Ridge Holland

RUGBY. From the meadow to SmackDown, the incredible story of rugby player Ridge Holland

Luke Menzies, or Ridge Holland, whose name depends on morality. Initially, Luke was a passionate rugby player. An avid rugby league player, he signed for the Hull Kingston Rovers in 2007. A few months later, in 2008 he made his first appearance at the highest European level. Although he only stayed at the club for a few months, the Yorkshire native scored. Many English stables before crossing the ocean in 2017. That year, he joined the (most) ambitious Toronto Wolfback Stall in Canada. The club will welcome Sony Phil Williams in its ranks a few years later. But once on the Atlantic, Luke Menzies discovered a new passion: wrestling.In his WWE debut, NRL star Daniel Widote became a wrestling legend [VIDÉO]In his WWE debut, NRL star Daniel Widote became a wrestling legend [VIDÉO]

Crombons on the third rope

When he arrived on the new continent, this former pillar (of XIII, if necessary to mention) of 1 meter 85 by 115 kg was created for his new life. His ambition? Become a professional wrestler, no less. After a year of training, he won and signed with WWE, a well-known American wrestling organization. In the media, Luke Menzies then disappears and leads to Ridge Holland. On August 29, 2018, he made his American television debut. The opportunity to take advantage of all of his buffers and shoulder charges on an opponent in the air was created as a Trieste.Video.  Amateur.  Wrestling fan, hot ball, he telescopes against the post!Video. Amateur. Wrestling fan, hot ball, he telescopes against the post!

But at the moment, Showman is not yet known by his platform name. It is necessary to wait until November 2019 to see him march in the rings with his stage name. This is even less than the time it took for a top 14 commentator to get wet on pronouncing Vizia’s name in its entirety. From this point on, the former rugby player has not set foot on the lawn. Over 30, he now wants to stick his elbow into the enemy’s floats. Without it he definitely got the yellow card. In early April 2022, he participated in the 38th edition of the prestigious WrestleMania. He won the sixth match on Sunday, April 3, along with Shimas, another wrestler who turned Holland into his defender. It has been a year since he joined the SmackDown “Championship” and faces some of the world’s greatest wrestlers.

Only at the beginning of his career did he seem to be well on his way to thriving in the English Goliath Ring. Now wearing a beret, adorned with a raincoat and wearing excellent underwear, the former pillar explodes across the Atlantic. To the British media Joe, he described his new life. First, he wants to be reminded of that. “People think of the ring as a soft mattress with pillows. It’s wood and metal, and if you fall on it, it hurts.“Then, the former rugby player triggers an excellent rehearsal offered by the wrestler. He declares:”We listen to the fans, we want to create an entertainment show, and people react to it. I think I was really lucky to get this opportunity when my rugby career came to an end.

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