Brown celebrates 100 years of design

Brown celebrates 100 years of design

German home appliance brand Fran celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Known for its razors, the company is today a subsidiary of Gillette, owned by the giant Procter & Gamble, founded in 1921 in Frankfurt by Max Braun.

“Max Brown may have been called a young entrepreneur. Christine Capone, Brown’s communications director, explains. For a mechanic, he opened a workshop where he initially presented the products of his invention to a professional public, with transmission belts. Very quickly, he invented new products such as the battery – powered suitcase radio, which was his first success. ” From the beginning, Max Brown had the instinct to create beautiful objects and focus on design. Germany knows Bauhaus’ best years and Brown makes it his trademark.

Since 1950, half of the turnover has been achieved internationally

In the 1950s and 1960s, 50% of the company’s turnover was generated internationally. “At the time, the Brown brothers approached Gillette with the prospect of accessing other markets. Christine Capone continues. The most interesting thing is that this American company had the intelligence to keep all the German teams and maintain a very strong brand identity.

“If the clean shave has lost its luster a little bit, She continues, However, men have more products to take care of themselves and their hair in their bathroom. I mean products that allow both to shave, but trim the beard and maintain it … ”

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