James Webb telescope instruments work

James Webb telescope instruments work

The James Webb Space TelescopeNASA has announced that it has completed the alignment phase of its scientific instruments, located 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, and is now working to explore the boundaries of the universe.

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With four powerful instruments, three imagers and a spectrograph, the main mirror (6.5 meters in diameter) was successfully aligned, and its deployment was completed in early January, two weeks after the launch of the James Webb Telescope (JWST) from French Guiana. Everyone has reached their statusOperating temperature“, Is now ready for its scientific commission,” NASA said in a statement Thursday.

“Fast advances in science”

While waiting for the first pictures of scientific observations scheduled for the summer, the tools have been confirmed to be “efficient.Take sharp, well-focused pictures“Like these images of stars and gas from the Milky Way galaxy, a small dwarf satellite galaxy taken by the Myrim instrument.”This first picture was immediately great because we saw the quality of the pictures we were looking forPierre-Olivier Lagage, Mirim’s science manager at CEA, tweeted.

It all works, and I firmly believe it will be science now Convertible. I am sure we will advance science very fast through JWST“, The astronomer moved, along.”These remarkable experimental films demonstrate what people across nations and continents can achieve when they have a bold scientific vision to explore the universe.Said Lee Feinberg, head of elements at the Web Optical Telescope at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

At $ 10 billion, James Webb is expected by astronomers around the world to make it possible for the Big Bang to observe the first galaxies to form about 200 million years later.

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