Time travel is possible!

Un physicien de l’université de Brock (Canada) travaille à une théorie qui ouvrirait une porte au voyage dans le temps. © andrey_l, Adobe Stock

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The Time travel. You have to admit it too, it makes you dream a little. Opportunity to correct mistakes made in the past. Or to gain a glimpse into the future. Science fiction has been enjoying it for a long time. But what does science say about this? This is what Barack Shoshani proposes for us to understand today, a Brock University Physicist (Canada).

Let us first recall that this was put forward as a general theory of relativity Physicist German Albert Einstein (1879-1955) It has been defining connections that connect space and time for more than 100 years. It gives us a complex explanation of causal principle. It turns out that she authorizes writing Equations It synchronously describes time travel. “But it makes no sense if the equations don’t really match anything”Barak insists on Shoshani Conversation.

I mean? Well first, let’s remember that to create a time machine, equation physicists must use negative energy. However, no negative energy was found in every street corner. At the present stage of our knowledge, rarely Quantum dynamics We hope it can, in theory, be produced on a very small scale and for a very short period of time. But Barak Shoshani wants to be optimistic: “This problem may be the limit of our current technology or the limit of our understanding Quantum dynamics. ⁇

Difficulties to overcome to go backwards over time

So let’s wipe out the problem of the object with the negative energy. However, there is another major obstacle. Something we have all heard before. That synchronization is contradictory. The physicist gives a remarkable example. To go back five minutes, he imagines using the time machine he created. There he destroys the machine. However, the destroyed machine should not be allowed to come back after five minutes and be used after five minutes to clear it. If he is when he is, it means that the time machine has not been destroyed. And he can go over time and use it to destroy her. In other words, there is a time machine here, only if it is destroyed … it is not destroyed. Wow! Do you see the contradiction?

The Science fiction It handles the matter by advising its time travelers to avoid interfering in the past. Or meet themselves. The problem is solved. Other than that Body, A paradox is entirely similar to a theoretical concept. Understand what he puts on Light A paradox of theory. And hell! This is how time travel becomes impossible Eyes Science.

Impossible, really? According to some researchers, this is not necessary. One of them was the Russian philosophical physicist Igor Dimitrovich Novikov. His self-consistent assumption was designed to solve the contradictions of time travel. By simply banning time travelers … changing the past. Really bans. The laws of physics that conspire to prevent Barak Shoshani from destroying him five minutes before he enters his time machine. But, what is the use of that? Isn’t the purpose of precisely going back to the past to change it?

Ending the synchronous contradictions of time travel

In addition, the work of Barack Shoshani shows that self-sustaining inference does not make it possible to eliminate all contradictions in the passage of time. So, back to the first level? Is time travel impossible? Well, not exactly, the physicist tells us.

The ultimate solution would be to create multiple stories. Or parallel timelines. I mean? Quite simply, when the time traveler leaves his machine, he will enter a separate timeline from his original timeline. In this new timeline, he is free from everything. Including destroying his time machine. And it is, after a while, without any effect on what will happen in the coming timeline. This is the end of contradictions. And science, which coincides with science fiction, already prefers stories of parallel chronologies.

Believed more and more firmly that time travel was possible

“For the past three years I have been working on the contradictions of time travel and I am more and more convinced that time travel is possible.Says Barak Shoshani. But only if ours The universe Many stories may be allowed to coexist. ⁇ Which, of course, raises a new question: Will our universe accept parallel deadlines?

Quantum mechanics seems to be leaning towards yes. It is based on the theory of many worlds imagined by the American mathematician Hughes Everett (1930-1982). The story may split. To allow Schrdinger’s cat Must be alive in one new story and dead in another.

Barack Shoshani’s team is currently working to establish a definitive theory of time travel with multiple histories in line with Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Time travel is a theory that has not yet been proven possible, but at least it is not impossible due to the contradictions of synchronization.

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