TikTok: “Not interested”? The application is not bothered at all

TikTok: "Not interested"?  The application is not bothered at all

It is generally possible to report content that you have been informed of and that you do not like, but unfortunately the application does not express your opinion much. Newspaper.

In a lengthy post about TikTok, Mira Navlaka discusses the “uninteresting” aspect of TikTok and its non-existent impact on the news feed.

In the “For You” news feed, TikTok offers a selection of videos that some of you have already experienced that are considered to suit our taste. However, it usually happens that annoying “sound” or completely unknown “celebrity” appears there.

For these specific events, you can long-press the video and click “Not interested”. The application sends a message confirming that it will provide you with less content of the same type.

Seemingly inefficient function

Noting the ineffectiveness of the process, the Mashable journalist looked at the matter to see if he was alone in the matter. The results seem to speak for themselves:

What’s worse, some users think that the content they reject, the application provides similar content to them:

In Reddit, the same observation. In the subdivision R / Dictochelp (Which includes 26.2k users), these messages are linked to “super boring”, “useful dreams suggested topics” and other “whyiiiiii”. One of the users claims to have done a number of manipulations (from reinstalling the app to completely resetting the mobile) in an attempt to influence the series.

So everyone has their own technique: spend as little time as possible on the video and go straight to the next one, without clicking on some hashtags … of course, none of them have proven to be reliable.

TikTok algorithm

By contacting Mashable, TikTok informs reporters that the “No Interest” button is used to select the content you want by simply lowering the content display to the old news of 2019 and its support page. Not appreciated.

In fact, TikTok did not remove the display of this content in order to reduce its frequency, without specifying the extent of this reduction. This is definitely a function of the algorithm that came to light in 2021.

The goal of TikTok is to keep you in use as often as possible and to get you used to it as often as possible. For this, we provide you with a customized book that knows everything about you (your sexual orientation, your heartache, your search for a pet, etc.). The app also makes sure to provide you with a variety of content to avoid boredom.

And what if videos that indicate the user is not interested are a way to “wake him up” from time to time? Contradictory to the application you want to stick to for as long as possible, but breaking the scrolling monopoly with one action is one way to keep yourself for a long time.



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The algorithm, as in the past, has the function of flagging beyond “not interested” if it takes you to important content. For the rest, Mashable Journalist reminds us that it is possible to like or share the content we want, which will allow the algorithm to show more on the same subject.

The feature that was introduced to help users control the content displayed is unfortunately not as effective as it should be. But it’s upgrading TikTok to provide better customized “for you” content.

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