Canada, the new destination of the American dream

Canada, the new destination of the American dream

Survey – The country is competing with the United States in gravity due to its wide open spaces, easy job search and business creation, and effective policy. Goal: To overcome the birth rate deficit and reach 100 million people by 2100, thanks to select immigration based solely on skills.

To Montreal

Montreal, a traditionally French-speaking city of four million people, today has a variety of accents. Chinese merchants, Ukrainians and poles near Old Montreal, in Saint-Laurent Boulevard, increasingly north of the South American city in Little Italy. And French? The plateau has long been in the Boho district of Mont-Royal, and they are now coming to Rosemond, less trendy but much cheaper.

The long frosty winter does nothing about it. In Canada, 37 million souls in the last census, despite the Govt epidemic, attracted 405,000 immigrants by 2021. Sharply rising numbers. Ottawa “Launches program to welcome 1.3 million newcomers” Over the next three years, the headline recently Toronto Star. A real boom from the early 1990s to 2015 as 250,000 people migrated annually between Newfoundland and Vancouver. Justin Trudeau wants to welcome 432,000 people in 2022. Indians,

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