Takes a “leading” form in Tunisia: K. Saïed’s power is increasingly competitive

Takes a "leading" form in Tunisia: K. Saïed's power is increasingly competitive

Kaïs Saied, who was elected in late 2019 after several months of political sanctions, seized full power by removing the prime minister at the end of July and suspending him before dissolving parliament in March. In February, the Tunisian president dissolved the High Council of the Judiciary (CSM) and replaced it with a Judicial Oversight Committee. Temporary “ Whose members he appointed. On April 22, he accepted the right to appoint the head of the Electoral Commission, a referendum and a few months before the Assembly elections, to be overseen by the organization.

His opponents accuse him of establishing a new dictatorship in the country, the only survivor of the Arab Spring in which he was the cradle in 2011. A new front has also been set up to prevent K. Saïed’s encroachment. Therefore, A. Néjib Chebbi held a press conference in Tunis to express his opposition to the Tunisian president and announced the immediate formation of a “National Salvation Front” aimed at uniting all political forces and restoring the democratic and constitutional process. Freedom and Rights in Tunisia.

Five political parties, including the Ennahta movement, which was inspired by Islam, Q. The coalition aims to attract other political organizations and personalities, including Syed’s fierce enemy, and five unions. “Influence” Before embarking on a national dialogue aimed at reforms “Save the country According to A. Néjib Chebbi. “Return to Law and Democracy” He added that saving an economy was the priority of the Front “In a deep recession Due to political situation Rotten It drives away investors, Seppi added. He supported an establishment “The government of salvation A. to lead Tunisia “The transition period Until the new election.

In addition to the political stalemate, Tunisia is struggling with a deep socio-economic crisis and is in talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to obtain new debt.

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