Self-service repair: Apple rental box weighs 35 kg

Self-service repair: Apple rental box weighs 35 kg

After years of trying to encourage repairs outside the network of its stores and partners, Apple is making a 180 turn by launching in the United States. Its self-service repair program. In addition to spare parts, the manufacturer does not halve things as it markets tools and machines used in Apple stores and other authorized repair shops.

Enough to create a small repair workshop at home

On top of that Self-service repair shop, US customers can order Battery Press ($ 115), Screen Press ($ 216) or Screen Removal Machine ($ 256). In Its repair manualsThese are, for example, machines that ask Apple to replace the screen or battery. Switches from Small complete kit from iFixit Sold for 25 to 75.

Why are Apple devices more expensive than third-party devices? Apple itself answers this question Among the frequently asked questions He explained that his tools are designed for professional repairmen “To provide the same performance as the industrial machines used to make Apple products.” These machines are designed to work with many generations of products. For example, battery and screen pressures are compatible with the last seven generations of iPhones.

Excerpt from the iPhone 13 Repair Guide

But how many customers would order a $ 70 worth of battery repair kit (including battery, screws and glue) from Apple and go to the printer for more than $ 115? Apple proposes to solve this problem Rent a toolbox for $ 49 In a week.

(Large) toolbox available for rent

This toolbox is huge because it has all the machines mentioned above. It is actually two bass drums 1.2 m high and 0.5 m wide. One is 19 kg and the other is 16 kg. There are different kits for each type of iPhone. One for iPhone 12 has it all:

  • Box 1
    • 661-17619 – Heat Display Removal Fixture
    • 661-19620 – Hot display pocket
  • Box 2
    • 923-02657 – Battery Press
    • 661-08916 – Display Press
    • 923-04908 – 6.1 inch repair plate
    • 923-01092 – Adhesive Cutter
    • 922-5065 – Nylon probe (black stick)
    • 923-04911 – Display adhesive press blade
    • 923-04878 – Display Protective Cover
    • 923-04877 – Back Security Card
    • 923-0248 – Black Dark Driver Kit
    • 923-00738 – Gray torque driver
    • 923-00105 – Green Torque Driver
    • 923-01290 – Micro SticksĀ® bit
    • 923-02066 – Super screw bit

Fortunately, there are no wheels OptionalThey are integrated into boxes to move them without breaking your back.

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