One company has signed up with Starlink to provide internet connectivity on its flights

One company has signed up with Starlink to provide internet connectivity on its flights

Hawaii Airlines is the first major airline Have signed a deal with Starlink, A subsidiary of SpaceX, is in the process of deploying a network of satellites to provide Internet connectivity anywhere on the planet. Ultimately, the company wants to equip all flights flying between the Hawaiian Islands and the United States, Europe and Oceania and provide its passengers with a free quality Wi-Fi network. The company notes that only outbound flights, not flights from one island in the archipelago to another, should be of concern.

A Hawaiian Airlines flight (photo) Tomas del Goro (CC BY-SA 2.0))

It should be noted that although Hawaii Airlines was the first to formalize this announcement, nothing has been done at this stage and other airlines have the same opinion. It’s logical, moreover, that satellites are the best way to bring internet connectivity to aircraft and Starling is not a leading player in this category. The difference should come from the quality of the connection and its speed, but also from its very low cost, which makes it possible to provide internet access to the passengers.

Do not expect to benefit from an internet connection for your summer vacation in Hawaii, however, the first installations are not planned before next year. Recently, Delta Airlines Announced that preliminary tests had been carried out With Starlink. The airline has not stated its intentions for a long time, but will instead choose the American company founded by Elon Musk. VyasatThe company is currently used to providing internet connections to its customers.

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