After the conflict, Israel reopens the Erez Pass to the Palestinians

Après les heurts, Israël rouvre le passage d'Erez aux Palestiniens

After closing the only crossroads connecting Palestinians with Israel in the Gaza Strip, Israeli authorities decided to reopen it on Tuesday. Conflict has erupted between the two sides since Israel decided to ban Palestinians from praying in mosques.

Both sides exchanged rocket-propelled grenades from the Palestinian territories (all intercepted) and destroyed Israeli bombs following the slippage of Israeli security forces who fired tear gas and attacked worshipers and wounded more than 250 Palestinians during the month of Ramadan. In the Gaza Strip.

The only Erez crossroads between Gaza and Israel was closed on Sunday in retaliation for rocket fire from Gaza into the Israeli border.

“After reviewing the security situation, it was decided that (Palestinian) workers and traders could re-enter Israel via Erez Crossing on Tuesday,” Gokat, a member of the ministry, said on Monday. Israeli security forces oversee civilians. Activities in the Palestinian Territories.

The reopening “is a condition of maintaining the security of the sector,” Gogot said in a statement. Israel has decided to close the Erez crossing from April 24.

Israel has restricted all entrances and exits to the impoverished area and has imposed a siege there for more than 15 years. Several thousand Palestinians have relied on this passage to work in Israel.

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