A construction site is causing the city of Verviers to lose 242,000 euros in damages

A construction site is causing the city of Verviers to lose 242,000 euros in damages

This is for a backward construction site on Prince Badoin Avenue in Hughesi. However, the underground sewer and road works at this site were ordered by AIDE (Intermediate Agency in charge of Sewerage) in 2017 and the road is not yet municipal. The public domain of the roads became complicated, the site was postponed for almost two years and compensation began to reach 2.3 million euros.

Maxim DJ (MR), who was in charge of the situation when he took office in 2019, explained that he had negotiated privately with the company to reach a compromise. The latter demanded that the city reimburse only the costs of 242,000 euros.

PTB Laszlo Schonbrodt commented that “in one of the poorest cities in Belgium you would throw a quarter of a million euros in the trash” and he did not vote for these allowances. “This file is a symbol of the amateurism that you and your forerunners have shown in the administration of this municipality”, while at the same time provoking other unsuccessful projects, namely City Mall.

Ecolo, with the voice of Hajib El Hajjaji, shocked the situation. “We have an obligation to negotiate a situation that is costly. What are we doing today to prevent this from happening again?” The Greens’s representative reiterated that the suspension was supported by Bernard Brown (PS).

“I did not ask for a one-sided increase in these allowances in the 2022 budget,” the current task force said. “The file was complex, some locals objected to the progress of the file, and this adds to the issue of time in terms of grants. .

Lawyers were then contacted, but the process met with some hiccups. “It’s really something that should never happen again.

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